Is self-studying the best for NEET preparation?

Is self-studying the best for NEET preparation?


Self-study is the only way to succeed in IIT JEE. In fact,
IIT-JEE is based solely on self-study. All you need is good
materials, good guidance, and a high level of confidence. You can
only feel safe if you practice enough of the questions asked at
IITJEE. Good study material means material that contains all
concepts well explained in an easy way and a good amount of
exercises (mostly advanced questions). A good mentor is someone
who can guide and motivate you as you prepare for JEE.
You can get the guidance and mentorship at your home from your
teachers from your good coaching institute or you can and enroll
yourself in one of the best mentorship program for IIT JEE
preparation at exprto which is a platform where the recent Jee
toppers will offer you guidance and help you in your way of
Where can I get this study material to prepare for the IITJEE? -
Books - Great! Follow the general trend of books - HCV, DCP in
physics, P Bahadur, MS Chouhan, JD Lee in chemistry, RD Sharma,
Arihant in mathematics. NCERT he is the most important of the
three subjects, especially chemistry. Since you’re aiming to be
self-taught, you’re bound to have questions. You should have a good
video lecture on hand. You can use Ahaguru, Etoos, or any good
video lectures, but I recommend using Ahaguru because I have used
it during JEE preparation and am happy with the results.
You should review the subjects you have learned on a regular basis.
Ahaguru will help you in such a case. You should do weekly
practice tests. This helps a lot with revisions. Finally, just practicing
the previous year’s papers and mock exams is enough. This is very
helpful. The previous year’s work and practice test results help build
confidence. Ahaguru provides a nice set of tests that will definitely
help you. All students enrolled at Ahagul are also assigned a mentor
to monitor their progress. He will report all your progress to your
parents. It’s the good guide you need.
Therefore, for self-study and for one’s own sake, we must make sure
that we are learning the right things


you are dedicated enough…then a big YES!!

NEET is having physics , chemistry , biology

Biology is 80% from NCERT only…You can attempt 75–80 question just by doing NCERT properly.

Coming to Physics….for physics i will suggest to to take a person tutor…because there are few thing which you really can’t study without proper support of a experienced tutor.Read NCERT thoroghly as it is the best book i ever seen….NCERT theory is really very good…it’s examples are super duper sawesome

Next is chemistry

For inorganic chemistry just follow NCERT only…i am 100% sure that you will not loose even a single mark

For physical again i will suggest you to take a tutor or you can purchase plancess video lectures for chemistry

For organic do NCERT and some reference book(Best is mtg)

By doing this you can score 600+ easily.