Is self-studying the best for NEET preparation

Is self-studying the best for NEET preparation?


Self study is very important in NEET preparation but what’s
more important is the right self study.
You must know what to study, how to study and how much you
should study. If you are thinking to crack this exam by self study
you must know that it is possible. Many NEET Toppers have done
this before but what they all have in common was right strategy. A
mentorship program will help you alot in your preparation.
You can connect with NEET toppers on various platform. One of the
best one is Exprto which will connect you with NEET UG Toppers
and give you the perfect guidance and mentorship.
The benefit of NEET Mentorship program is that all your doubts
regarding your preparation will be answered by toppers and you
have a perfect plan which you could follow and make your self
study more worthy.
Self study is necessary even if you are taking coachings. The only
benefit of coaching institutions is that they provide you with
guidance, mock tests and a competitive environment. So, Yes self
studying is best for NEET preparation but with right guidance and
focused way.
You must analyze syllabus, prepare a realistic routine, choose
correct resources and be focused along with solving mock test and
revising things again and again.
All the best !


NEET is having physics , chemistry , biology

Biology is 80% from NCERT only…You can attempt 75–80 question just by doing NCERT properly.

Coming to Physics….for physics i will suggest to to take a person tutor…because there are few thing which you really can’t study without proper support of a experienced tutor.Read NCERT thoroghly as it is the best book i ever seen….NCERT theory is really very good…it’s examples are super duper sawesome

Next is chemistry

For inorganic chemistry just follow NCERT only…i am 100% sure that you will not loose even a single mark

For physical again i will suggest you to take a tutor or you can purchase plancess video lectures for chemistry

For organic do NCERT and some reference book(Best is mtg)

By doing this you can score 600+ easily.