Is solving the previous year’s questions enough preparationn for the NEET?

Is solving the previous year’s questions enough preparation for the NEET?

Practicing solving previous year questions can be beneficial when you complete the entire NEET syllabus.
Once you are done with the entire NEET syllabus and have a strong conceptual base, then only start solving previous year questions. Solve the chapter-wise tests before the PYQ.

I recommend you the books which have “Solved Past Year Papers” and Chapter Tests with Explanations and this book series is NEET 35 Years Chapter-wise Solutions with NCERT Page-wise Reference and Topper’s Approach - Physics, Chemistry and Biology by AV publication.
Reasons to recommend the book:-
● Chapter wise questions with links to NCERT pages from last 35 years of NEET exam (1988-2022)
● Toppers Secrets for solving questions effectively.
● Answer key for each topic and each question.
● Based on the latest pattern and outline
Additionally, the book is updated with NEET 2022 exam questions conducted by NTA. This helps NEET candidates to revise NCERT along with practicing questions. Students also get a complete explanation through NCERT books.
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