Is there any strategy for a score of 680+ in the NEET 2024 without any coaching?

Is there any strategy for a score of 680+ in the NEET 2024
without any coaching?


To score 680+ you need guidance, because year by year the
competition in NEET is increasing. Just by doing self - study you
can crack NEET, but with an average score. Therefore, You need
coaching guidance. I suggest you Online coaching, which also saves
your Time and Money.
But, if you really don’t want to join any coaching, I am sharing
some tips which you have to follow thoroughly and consistently
with full focus.
Give equal time & importance to each subject. Don’t neglect
Physics & Chemistry, treat them like a subject. They all have equal
Divide your syllabus in two. Important & Easy chapters & Very
Important & difficult chapters. Start with Important & difficult
chapters. For Biology Read & Study NCERT multiple times.
Prepare notes & revise them on a daily basis. Solve Back exercises
& practice MCQs
For chemistry, follow the trend, that is review the past year and
analyze the questions asked from which area. Do them first and
make sure to revise. Go thoroughly through NCERT.
Practice every numerical, reactions & equations. Prepare a separate
notebook for Physics formulas & chemistry all reactions &
equations, should be on your finger tips.
Follow the same like chemistry in Physics too. Go thoroughly to
NCERT, try to understand the concepts. Watch video lectures, if you
are stuck in any chapter or in any topic.
Try to solve Mock Tests as many as possible, find your weaker areas
& work on them. so after solving the mock evaluate yourself and
learn the aspects which u don’t know in that paper in very brief. This
will give you an understanding of other chapters which you missed.
Try to increase your accuracy & follow the “Time Management”
rule. You will only get 3 hours to complete the NEET exam, or I
would say less than 3 hours.
Stay away from every negative distraction.