I've screwed up my JEE Main exam. What should I doo

I’ve screwed up my JEE Main exam. What should I do?

Firstly, nothing is disastrous in case of examinations. You can always give others exams and do well. If you wish you can take a drop and you should and roll yourself in a JEE mentorship program where the recent jee toppers will offer you guidance and personal mentorship so that you do not repeat the same mistakes again and come out victorious.
Write a diary where you can list all your mistakes you did in your first time if you wish to join a coaching or you can take a drop but this time you have to work very hard. They could be many reason of your failure in the first exam but try to identify them and correct them as soon as possible your personal jee mentals will help you so much that you will be where I had of every competitor and you will realise that you should have done it before, be positive and do your best.
Also focus on the resources which you were using and try to not build stacks of books. Focus on your NCERT clear all your doubts

remember that you don’t have to score 100% in this exam but you have to qualify it so identify your weakness your strength and you will surely succeed.

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