Just need a friend who can cope up with me in study

I have not sincerely studied 11 cuz of my friends who always tends to enjoy . I need a supportive friend who can study with me for preparation!


me too i`ve never had a study partner before but i want one .

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Hey! Me too want a study partner would you like to be mine???

I also need a friend or study partner


Wanna have me as ur friend or study partner???

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Offcourse i don’t mine to become ur study partner

@Shakib_Ahmad Can i becoz i also need someone who will support me emotionally in this journey

Yes, you don’t mine you become my study partner

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@Vivaan_Thakre for sure i will be the one

I’m in for study partner

Bro you telling this to every single person here
Kisi 1 ko kaho