Kota is best for NEET?

Which Kota is best for NEET?

Kota is a city in India that is known for its coaching institutes that offer preparation for various engineering and medical entrance exams, including NEET and IIT JEE. Whether or not you should go to Kota for preparation epends on your personal circumstances and preferences. Some students may find the intensive coaching and competitive environment in Kota to be helpful, while others may prefer to study in their home town or city.
You must remember that Kota does not guarantee you a seat in prestigious institutions like IIT and govt medical College. All it can guarantee you is proper guidance, regular testing of concepts you learned in class, an environment of competition and selected resources. If you are serious enough and have a strong will you can easily crack this exam at your home too with proper guidance and environment to study. You can take proper guidance from Exprto, which is a platform where aspirants can connect to recent IITjee and neet toppers on call and can ask them the doubts and preparation tips regarding the exam.

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