Last chapters of Organic Chemistry

How to prepare theoretical chapters like Chemistry in everyday life, Biomolecules and Polymers ?

Start by reviewing the basic concepts of chemistry such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, and chemical reactions.
Understand the concepts of organic chemistry, including functional groups, hydrocarbons, and alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes.
Learn about the chemical structures of common compounds found in everyday life, such as water, glucose, sucrose, and ethanol.
Study the properties and uses of these compounds, as well as their reactions with other compounds.
Practice drawing and identifying the structures of these compounds through problem sets and practice exams.
Take the help of the internet, there are a lot of resources that can help you to understand the structure of the compound.
Use mnemonics to memorize the structure of compounds.
Try to relate the compounds with the real-life applications, it will help you to memorize them easily.
Last but not least, practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the more you’ll be able to retain the information.

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