Last month preparation

Actually for HSC exam , one month is left and I have covered nothing , what can I do to achieve 70+ percent in hsc

As you are only expecting 70% marks in boards it is not so difficult, I would say. You can go through NCERT and solve all the examples along with practising from NCERT exemplar is more than sufficient. If you are finding it too hectic, you can have some idea of the chapters and the questions that are repeatedly asked in previous years and study those topics thoroughly. After that, practise some papers like actual exam to have a habit of writing. If you can do this, you will definitely obtain your expected marks.

Here are some steps you can take to maximize your chances of getting a good score in the HSC exam with only one month left:

  1. Prioritize: Review your syllabus and make a list of the topics you need to study. Focus on the most important topics first, and allocate more time to the areas where you need more help.
  2. Create a study schedule: Use the remaining time effectively by creating a structured study schedule. Allocate time for each subject, taking into consideration the number of topics you need to cover. Make sure to also include time for breaks and relaxation.
  3. Get organized: Make sure you have all the study materials you need, including notes, textbooks, and past papers. Keep your study area organized and free of distractions.
  4. Ask for help: If you are struggling with a particular topic, reach out to your teacher or classmates for help. You can also join a study group or consider private tutoring.
  5. Practice regularly: Regular practice is key to success in the HSC exam. Solve practice problems, work through sample papers, and take mock exams to get a feel for the types of questions you can expect to see on the actual exam.
  6. Stay focused: Avoid distractions and stay focused on your studies. Turn off your phone or limit your social media use during study time.
  7. Stay positive: Believe in yourself and stay positive. Remember that you have the ability to succeed, and that with hard work and determination, you can achieve your goal of getting a 70+ percent in the HSC exam.

With only one month left, time is of the essence. Stay focused, stay positive, and give it your best effort. Good luck!