Low on Energy? Tired of studying? No more motivation? Not scoring even after studying hard?

Every preparation need patience and continuity, work on that instead of thinking what will happened with me
I will try to motivate you with some sharing of thought and mentality

1. Use the power of self-motivation to crack NEET

Amrith Rangan (IIT Madras) said this, “Self motivation is very important to crack any exam. You will have to realise the value of what you’re doing, you will have to be very ambitious.”

Your competition is not with other aspirants (in reality they are, but should not be in your mind). You have to surpass your own performance in tests. Neither get dejected by bad marks nor become overconfident. Work hard and [study smart for NEET]

2. Build interest in subjects and study consistently

One important thing for [good NEET preparation]is your interest in subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. If you love solving problems, understanding concepts, you will want to focus on studies as much as possible, keeping all distractions away. Be consistent with your study time and schedule.

3. Improve your performance and motivation will follow

In your practice tests, always set a target on how many marks you should get in it. But don’t set big targets that are not achievable. You will improve with each test you give in NEET preparation.

Analyse your test. Make a note of the silly mistakes you are making. Your objective is not to repeat the same mistakes in the next test.

4. Remember your goals and why are you doing it

Write your goals and paste above your study table or any other place where you can see them regularly. It can be like “I want to crack NEET with a very good rank and will study in a top medical college.”

Why are you doing this? Write the answer to this question and continue to remind yourself about it.

5. Take inspiration from NEET success stories

Be consistent, don’t give up.** It is not easy to crack the exam but it’s not impossible. A lot of factors contribute in studies, keep yourself motivated and work hard for your dreams because this is a race, there are always people out there to take your place.”

6. Talk to your parents and teachers whenever you feel demotivated

Parents and teachers should be your go to people for NEET motivation. Parents love and understand us best. Good teachers are always available to guide and motivate you in the right direction. You just need to talk with them. Whenever you feel low on confidence and need some motivation in NEET preparation, speak to your parents or teacher.

Finally, don’t think about the result for now. Focus on what you should do now.

When it gets tough, turn around and look how far you’ve already come.

All the best!

The preparation phase is always the hardest part, you need to do a lot of sacrifices to achieve your goal but let me tell you kids, its worth it, every second of your time will be worth it when you put your steps in your medical College campus.
Its ok if you dont feel like studying, you are also a human who gets tired, so whenever such thoughts overcome you take a break, get refreshed by talking to someone or doing something you enjoy. Then sit again to study with a proper plan.
You need to get a mentor who can guide you throughout the process and help you overcome such problems because we as mentors also faced the same problems when we were preparing for the exams.
If you do mistakes you need to learn from them not cry over them, nobody is perfect enough in this world.
Many times you will experience lack of interest or motivation to learn a topic, simply break the topic into short parts and then study each part with interest. Remember that your brain will act the way you train it. So keep hustling and dont give up ever!!
You are coming close to your dream every day, dont let your hard work go to waste.
All the best!!

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