M 23, a girl, and the NEET 2022 hasn't gone well for me. Should I prepare again? Is it worth it?

m 23, a girl, and the NEET 2022 hasn’t gone well for me. Should I prepare again? Is it
worth it?


Ans. You must have hurt the phrase try try but don’t cry and it suits us many times because we
as humans fail multiple Times and not every time the things goes according to us. I don’t know
why you didn’t perform well. Maybe there were some issues in your family or maybe you didn’t
pay much attention to your studies and forget about all the past things.
Just analyze how you can do it more correctly and how you can make your preparation good.
Even in the starting phase of my preparation for neet I feel multiple times my first attempt was a
disaster but I didn’t give up in my second attempt I scored 500 + but the college which I wanted
was far from me so with the strong decision I give third attempt and score 620 + and got the
college of my dreams.
I analyzed that in my preparation there was a lack of guidance. So my seniors told me to join a
neet mentorship program. In this program I was connected to recent neet toppers on call who
guided me to follow the right techniques and gave me tips which helped and made me a better
competitor. The platform which I used was Exprto , if you want you can also enrol yourself for a
short mentorship program and get connected to recent toppers of Neet 2022.