Master physics for the IIT JEE?

How can I master physics for the IIT JEE?


Some tips are below mentioned about how to prepare for JEE Physics :
• At first you need to identify the important chapters and take a good understanding of the basic concepts, it will help you a lot.
• You need to make a timetable by yourself and then follow this. If you can strictly follow this then you get a very good result.
• You need to memorize the derivations and formulas in the syllabus if possible you can write down the formulas in a notebook and then you can revise them on daily basis.
• If possible then talk with IIT JEE mentor they will guide you and give advice which will help you a lot.
• NCERT book for Physics is important for the JEE examination. So read this book very carefully and get a deep knowledge from it.
• You need to take ample time to revise the chapters thoroughly. It will help you to secure a good score in that subject.
• You can consult with the IIT JEE toppers by that you will know much about how to attempt the questions and how they will prepare for their examination it helps in your preparation.