Materials to follow for physics

I am using allen material from last 1 year (ex 1 to 3 ) is it enough

For physics you can completely rely on ALLEN modules + Your class notes .

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These books follow

Which exercises Are imp ?

Firstly do beginners box and illustrations.
Exercise 1 and 2 are compulsory. (For selection)
Exercise 3 and Race if you want to score good marks and rank .( I will suggest please don’t ignore exercise 3 and Race because they help you in clearing your concept) .
All the best .


I am a DLL student but have there srg book so should I follow it along with module i am doing self study so I don’t have dpp (currently I have completed my 11 prep of without any major backlog have solved ex 1 and 2 of every chapter however have not dont begg box illustrations and ex3 I have also solved dc Pandey of a few chapters ) what should i do now

You can skip srg module.
Please do beginners box and illustrations questions.
If time permits do exercise 3 questions.
In physics, question practice is most important so you can use begginer box , illustrations and exercise 3 as a source of your question practice.
Even I did same .
No need to do any other book .
Just do modules questions and test series questions.

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these books you can follow and
Mainly read ncert books