Math problems at the IIT-JEE level

How can I learn to solve tough math problems at the IIT-JEE level?


Practice, consistency, and time are the most important things to become an expert in any subject. Contact with an IIT JEE toppers that will be beneficial for you. You will get an idea of how they prepare themselves to solve easily the tough math problems at IIT-JEE level. To solve difficult questions follow the below tips:
• First you need to mug up the concepts. If you do not know the concept behind the question, you will not able to solve it.
• If you find yourself facing difficulties to solve tough questions and you are taking so much time then you should start solving more questions that are less difficult or easier.
• To be perfect at any subject you need lots of practice. More practice will get you the ability to solve tough questions in less time . Practice will improve your analytical and problem solving skills.
• After solving problems analysing the questions are most important things. If you can not attempt any question or give wrong answers then pay more attention to these questions and revise them frequently.
• Be confident, and never get nervous to see a long question. They might seem difficult but with practice you will be able to solve these questions in a few minutes.
• Do not skip any topics even if it seems easier to you. Cover all the topics.
• During your preparation mentorship by IIT JEE toppers will improve your level of question solving.

Math ko strong kaise kare

  • Read and understand the problems: One needs to be very while reading the question and be careful about the type of question and from which topic it has been asked.For e.g.: the question of 3-D geometry needs patience and practice to be solved.
  • Identify the correct formulas to be used: A question is not much difficult to be solved, however, one needs to memorize the correct formulas and then only one can find an accurate answer.
  • Look at the other objects of concern in the question: At times, there are some objects that highly influence our answer but one tends to ignore them while solving the question, so we need to be present at the place physically and mentally.
  • Detect the given variables: In the maths section, all you will be able to see are the variables for which:

• There should be a sufficient number of equations.

• Clearly identify the required variables and eliminate the non-required i.e. the ones that have not been asked about in the question.

  • Time management: For a productive result in the maths section, all you need is to manage time as time and tide wait for none. Hence,be prepared as of how to divide the time among the 30 questions in JEE mains exam.It is very important that the maximum numbers of questions are solved in 1 hour so that time could also be given to the other sections:physics and chemistry.
  • Recheck the solutions: If it’s possible and some time is left, go back to the solutions and try to thoroughly check them so that no silly mistakes are responsible for deduction of your marks.

One has to understand that the question given will test certain aspects of one’s mind and knowledge about the syllabus contents. It’s the need to realize that every human being has the power to solve these questions and none of these questions is unsolvable, only it would take some more efforts. Be cool-minded and think more especially out of the box and you will be successful at clearing this section with great marks.