Mnemonic for Kreb's cycle

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Krebs Cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle or tricarboxylic acid cycle, is a key metabolic process in the production of energy in cells.
Here’s a mnemonic to help remember the steps in the cycle:

C - Carbon dioxide release
I - Isocitrate formation
T - Alpha-ketoglutarate formation
R - Succinyl-CoA formation
U - Ubiquinone formation
S - Succinate formation

Another mnemonic: “ANA TIM BURPS”:
A - Acetyl-CoA
N - Citrate (Isocitrate)
A - Alpha-ketoglutarate
T - Succinyl-CoA
I - Succinate
M - Malate
B - Fumarate
U - Ubiquinone
R - Rhodoquinone
P - Glycine
S - CO2 (carbon dioxide) release

Hope this helps :sparkles: