Most difficult subject in organic chemistry

What is the most difficult subject in IIT-JEE Organic Chemistry?

Organic Chemistry is one of the most popular subjects at IIT-JEE. You should make this theme one of your strengths. There is no specific topic, everything is related to organic chemistry. If you have a solid foundation in general organic chemistry, you can easily grasp the concept of organic chemistry and enjoy organic chemistry to the fullest. We cover the application of HOCs across the curriculum, including acidity, acidity, reaction probability, and reaction types. If you read the HOC correctly, you can write your own reaction mechanism in a few chapters. There are some very good books to help you build the concepts of organic chemistry. Our first recommendation is Pearson’s Morrison & Boyd. Best of his OC books I’ve readWhat I have noticed is that most organic chemistry questions are just twisted ways of asking a handful of reactions (aldol condensation, pinacol rearrangement etc.). Such reactions you cannot afford to miss out on. The best way to remember all this, however, is to make your own short summaries and flowcharts (I did this for inorganic chemistry but it’ll work for organic too). Include all the facts you can’t remember in as concise a way as possible and keep revising it again and again. If you’re having trouble with remembering mechanisms, try to limit yourself to the mechanisms of all the NCERT reactions first (even the ones whose mechanism is not mentioned in the book, btw) and then move on to the other important ones, which aren’t that many. Do not copy other people’s flowcharts. Make it a rule to write everything yourself. Keep asking. Very often the most common question is something like reflection. Because you’ve solved too many of them. You look at the question and know the answer in an instant.