Ncert reading discussion

Last 45 days m kis kis chapters ki ncert reading krnaa better hai?

Study one chapter from every subject at least a day
As you don’t have too much time left, focus ONLY of NCERT books right now. Do not waste time reading other reference books as you will get confused. Your goal is to crack NEET, not to know it all
For Biology, 90 % Biology questions are framed directly or indirectly from NCERT textbooks So read and revise a chapter each day from your Biology NCERT book
Focus on NCERT textbooks and revise regularly for inorganic chemistry as well
For Organic Chemistry, focus more on the theory part and regularly practice MCQs
Memorize all formulas & applications for Physics practice with multiple choice questions
For Chemistry & Physics, read and memorize the important formulas and their relations
Study each chapter in details and develop a thorough understanding of the concepts
Focus more on Biology as 90 questions come from this subject, while only 45 questions come from Chemistry & Physics
Avoid all distractions at any cost like social media, TV, hanging out with friends etc
Avoid taking tuitions during this time as the final phase is solely for self-study
Make sure to have 7-8 hours of sleep every day and follow a healthy diet. Never ignore your health
Have a positive attitude and do not waste your valuable time worrying about unnecessary things
Remind yourself of your dream of becoming a doctor and motivate yourself on a daily basis
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