Need to score 450+ marks

I have completed 30% of syllabus till now … Need to score 450+ to get a seat … Please guide me


Biology:- 38 chapters
Chemistry :- 30 chapters
physics:- 29
To get 450+ , if you’re a hard worker then study everything, if you want to work smart then follow me
5Month strategy (150 days)
Step 1 :- Complete 38 chapters of bio within 40 days (no excuse)
Practice bio MCQ’s from MTG NCERT Fingertips. practice mcq’s along with chapters. i.e dont enter the 2nd chapter before finishing chapter 1 with its MCQ’s.
A chapter is not said to be finished untill its MCQ’s are done.
DAY40:- You had completed all the chapters Congrats now you could comfortably score anywhere between (200–250)
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