Neet 2024 aspirant

I want time table to balance both 11th and 12th
11th topics are weak I should improve in that


Hii @Sunainakhanam
11th aapki backlog me hai… To 12th chorke backlog clearr krne matt bethna bilkul bhi…
Pehle 12th pe focus kro achhe se… Jo jo chp hogye unhe achhe se practise kro …
Ekdm tips pe karlo by heart…
Jse jse schl/coaching me ppr hoge vse vse prepare karte jao…
11th ka backlog agar clearr krne ka mann hai …
To jb 12th achhe se track pe aa jae ek baar…
Tb fir daily 1hr or aadha ghanta backlog ko deo
Uske lie aap youtube pe ya pw ke lecture dekh skte ho… Ek bari sirf normal Qs and concept pe focus krna…
Jitta ho skega utta boht hai … Vo plus points hi honge aapke…
Then fir boards ke time pura focus boards pe hi hoga ek mahine tohh… Boards b achhe se dena!
And boards ke baad 11th ek baar se puri brushup krnaa… Achhe se …
Then firr test series deo mock test deo…
And do analyse the mock tests…
Analysing is must

So keep stuyding and keep improving…
Always there to help you ask me if you need anything.
All the best!

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Dear Students,

I am deepak kumar . I have cleared NEET 2021 with 623/720 marks . I have gone through the same phase too , I realised the need of Mentor, to guide through this competition.

Physics is challenging , and chemistry is tough to mug , even I used to make a lot of silly mistakes in Bio. I too desperately prayed , that if someone would just lend me a hand.

I have guided 12 students this year too in NEET 2023 who are scoring more than 650+ .

Therefore I am willing to help the needy students this year too. You will also get some mentorship sessions from toppers(AIR-90, AIR-118,AIR-125)

I am currently a 2nd year MBBS student at VMMC and SAFDURDUNG HOSPITAL New Delhi.

I only need sincere students with me.

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Identify most productive hours by studying at various times in a day like early morning, day or night time. These hours will give you the best output.
Get rid of any distraction that affects your studies. You have to be completely focused on your preparation.
Break down your study sessions into 45-60 minutes (or higher based on how long you can concentrate) and take short breaks in-between. Small mental breaks during long study hours will help you to avoid burnout and exhaustion.
Make sure your goals are clear (they can be short ones like finishing a topic or a chapter) and your plans are well thought out and most importantly you have a schedule for every day during your preparation. If you miss out on your schedule one day, make up for it the next day. Achieve your goals for the week as you planned.
Be really thorough with the basics. Study from NCERT or a coaching study material for understanding theory and solving problems.
Read NCERT line by line. Examples, summary, diagrams are very important for NEET. Use Mnemonics to remember difficult words, phrases and statements.
If you are not able to learn a topic or concept, read the theory again and again till you get the feel of the topic. Learn topics and solve questions that are within the NEET syllabus. Don’t go deep into something which is not required.
Think of different ways of solving problems. After solving a question, refer to the solution to find if there is a better way to solve the question. Develop a habit of solving questions in a time limit from the beginning itself. It helps.
Practice a lot. This is one of the most important things which plays a great role in one’s NEET preparation. It will help you improve your concept application power and will also gradually develop confidence in you that, “Yes! I can answer any question from this topic now, whether it is easy or difficult.”
Give regular tests to improve speed, accuracy and time management skills. Write your silly mistakes in a diary and revise from it before every test.
Make short notes for all subjects. You can write formulas of physics, short tricks, reactions of organic chemistry, examples of biology, important dates and years of ecology, etc so that you can revise them in a short time in an organised way.
If you are taking coaching, make class notes and review them each day after the class. If you have any questions or doubts, ask your teacher in the next class.

Sir i want a time table for new beginners but it should be a little bit loose
Not so strict to follow


@Rounak_Talukder hey rounak u can what’s app me on 8696054885 for routine n time table and whole guidance till neet 2024.
I’m a 2nd year mbbs students and have secured 644 in neet 2021