NEET 23 days guidance for dropper

Hello mam or sir

I have started my neet preparation in December , I am dropper but due to lack of self confidence and procrastination I started lately and also recently my health is also not so well due to that I didn’t concerntrate on study ! I completed all chapters by pw lectures but not solved many questions also pyq are pending , my last year score was 450 this year I want to increase at least 120 marks please can anyone help me what should I do now at last 23 days I am not confident to give test , how many questions from a chapter should I practice and how many test to give to get minimum score of 570 to 580 as I am from Karnataka it is safe score , thank u in advance


First of all I want to say that u r a dropper so u can do any thing easily means u have to be confident that u can …at this time I will suggest u to do last 10 years pyq must and minimum 20 mock paper practice with analysis and give ur best… And best of luck for ur exam

I am not a dropper I am neet aspirant

Thank u sir

In physics I need at least 140 marks which chapters should I prepare well and how many questions from each chapter should I practice

Take as many mock tests as possible
The final NEET preparation tip for droppers, during the last six months of your preparation, solve at least two NEET mock tests in a week. Mock tests will give you exposure to questions of varying difficulty levels. This will help you strengthen your NEET preparation and will prepare you for the exam day.

Also, take a look at the questions that were asked in the previous years in the last month of preparation. There are many questions that are repeated in the examination every year. Going through the NEET question papers of previous years will help you get these questions right.
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Thank u sir