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Hello bhaiya i wanna know that is still possible to crack neet from now i want at least 610 mrks and my marks are not soo good in tests my physics is very low :slightly_smiling_face: but is still possible? And how can i cover physics my backlog :slightly_smiling_face: please help me (in sc cate
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  1. Yes, still you can crack NEET exam with good marks. From now, 2.5 month is remaining in NEET 2023, you just need proper guidance, strategy and planning (if you are ready to give your 100% and study hard consistently in this remaining time then it is able to crack NEET with good score).

  2. Analyse your preparation, and then make proper strategy and planning ( you may take help from mentor)

  3. Firstly, complete syllabus as soon as possible. Without completing 80-90 % syllabus it is difficult to score good marks.

  4. Try to revise on daily basis. Use short notes, concept sheet, mindmap or flashcards for revision purpose.

  5. For biology and inorganic chemistry, focus on NCERT and previous year questions only.

  6. For physics, study high weightage and easy chapters first then remaining chapters.

  7. If you still have any query or question then you can ask me.
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