Neet physics- strategic mastery

I was not an inquisitive physics student, rather I studied physics to get through the exam. Any calculus based question could panic me during the tests.The root cause of problem was not having a good grip from the starting.

:white_check_mark:First of all, LIMIT YOURSELF!!

During class 11, I tried to understand physics through a lot of YouTube videos, but they were simply not neet oriented and had jee level questions which made it more challenging for me. No matter how hard I tried to dive in the subject, it bounced back tougher:(

Seeing my batchmates giving excellent responses during the class developed a major inferiority complex in me.

To someone in a similar situation I would suggest - Take a deep breath and relax. Its okay if you can’t answer in class but work harder at home :slight_smile: Identify why you were lagging, practice a lot of questions, and reach upto your potential during the tests​:white_check_mark:

:white_check_mark:Also, never feel fomo with your topper batchmates and ask them their strategies to approach the question. Discussions with friends or being active at your batch’s whatsapp group will be fruitful. If you solve someone’s doubt, you get better too.

:white_check_mark:Always feel free to reach upto your teacher even for the silliest doubt one can imagine.

If you are in class 12 and have class 11 as backlog, I would suggest you to use Pw and cover atleast some important chapters side by side. Make extra time, cut down on web series and hangouts. Trust me, This struggle will be worth it later.

For physics, the essential tools are :

  • Thorough understanding of the concepts.
  • Application through question practice.
  • Learning and repetitive revisions.

:white_check_mark:Make your strong point stronger and weak points better. Observing the competition, it’s important to not neglect your weak points completely.

:white_check_mark:How did I master a specific chapter?

  • Attended all the Institute classes,
  • then completed the lectures of Mr sir, (sometimes through pdf only, sometimes the videos)
  • read the Aakash package line by line,
  • solved all the questions in the aakash package - exercise, assignments!
  • reviewed the questions I could not solve and, then I would write that specific question with its solution in my notes.

:white_check_mark:TEACHERS FOLLOWED - My Aakash Faculty, Mr Sir Physics (pw)

:white_check_mark:QUESTION BANK - I practiced my AAKASH modules, M caps, questions covered in class and online lectures plus the Aakash Papers.

:white_check_mark:“YOUR NOTES SHOULD BE YOUR SAFE PLACE.” They should be the ones you can rely on in your tough times.

  • Every single word uttered by my teachers or any new thing that I came across was there in my notes.
  • When I started following MR sir physics (PW), I modified my class notes only and put the detailed understanding of some concepts on sticky notes on the concerned page itself.

PS :- Using a lot of ‘whatsapp language’ in my notes was worth it. Writing in your own words in any language helps you to retain the topic for longer and revision becomes highly efficient.

  • In my notes, I tried to keep the important questions or the ones I got wrong during the tests (along with both the wrong and right approaches for it).

:white_check_mark:I am attaching some pictures of my notes for your reference

:white_check_mark:Just a suggestion If you are a dropper: ‘Don’t Underestimate Your Previous Year’s Notes.’ You must be having a pretty good visual memory of your notes. If you worked hard last year too, let this year’s attempt be a sum up for you. This doesn’t mean you have to sit idle during the class and just listen. You should write everything your teacher tells in a fresh notebook as it will help in revision, retention and learning. But let your final revision notes be last year’s only with some modifications.

:white_check_mark:’KEEP FORMULAS ON YOUR TIPS’:white_check_mark: (and not in negligence) :slight_smile:

  • Most of the formulas sit in our hearts through question practice. For others, write and learn.
  • You will find a lot of similarities in many formulas. Note down carefully when your teacher tells you any such Analogy.
  • Also, Understanding the Origin Of Formula, helps you to connect the dots between related formulas and you can derive them on the spot.

Example — the capillary rise formula in fluids posed problems to me, once I understood the derivation well, I could make the formula in exam Any time.

  • The variables used in the formula must be studied carefully, sometimes we don’t know what was 'r’ and what was ‘R’. Again the detailed understanding proves to be a boon here.

:white_check_mark:How did I revise the chapter before internal coaching tests?

I used to go through all my notes only. If I had more time, I solved package once again in a gap of 2 months or so. It gave a lot of confidence.

:white_check_mark:Importance Of NCERT​:white_check_mark:

When I was in class 12, I read whole NCERT of physics. In the drop year, I didn’t find time to read it and I don’t think it made a significant difference, because your teachers try to cover nearly every theory based question in notes itself. Also through ncert polls, intensive, AIATS or fortnightly tests, a lot of theory facts get covered.

But there are some chapters like Thermal Physics, Modern Physics, EMW whose NCERT is worth reading. If you have ample time and want a 180 at any cost, go for reading ncert. Otherwise, Focus on learning your notes (literally, LEARNING)

Make some mnemonics (yes they can be made in physics too). I used them for both theory as well as formula part.

“For example - to learn the time constant,

:small_blue_diamond:‘Tirchi Talwar’ — T=RC=L/R


I didn’t read it on daily basis but It helped me a lot at the last. I used to revise formulas in metro.


I only focussed upon my notes and questions in my notes. Also, going through pyq’s once again can boost up your confidence well!

:white_check_mark:Sometimes, we can’t solve the questions in the exam Hall which we already solved at our homes. Learn to tackle questions under pressure. You may use a timer to solve questions at home and then grade yourself. And Right Paper attempting strategy can be figured out with more number of mock tests.

:white_check_mark:There are some topics which you won’t understand much, atleast cram the formula and try to memorize the framing of questions from that topic so you can have +4 in your pocket.

:white_check_mark:You will see some questions which you can solve based upon dimensions and in some, logically eliminate options.

:white_check_mark:If you are open to suggestions, following Manish Raj Sir at PW will be great for NEET physics.

:white_check_mark:Give Physics the attention it deserves. Just like it’s difficult to bring a body in motion, it is tough to initiate but Once you get into the form of studying physics and limit yourself to the content you have to study and have faith in the teacher you follow, Physics will not remain an obstacle. Rather, it is the subject that will help you stand out in the competition.

:white_check_mark:If you feel hopless, reach out to your teachers or mentors for advices upon mastering a specific topic. They will provide you with the best solutions centered for you.

:white_check_mark:There is no said rule that one strategy is the best, there are multiple, you may take ideas but ultimately, you are going to achieve success through yours.

'Impossible says I’M POSSIBLE’:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

If you are honest to yourself and really put efforts, you will achieve success!

Invest your time in the subject. You may find yourself in the situation of facing a LOSS, but in long term, the investment is PROFITABLE​:white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

So Grab a coffee :coffee: start planning your approach for the subject. You got this. All the very best from my side​:grey_exclamation::+1::+1:

That’s all for today!


Very helpful thanks alot