NEET preparation

How can I manage stress and loneliness during NEET preparation?

Well before managing something we should take an idea about it’s cause then managing it will definitely be easier and also there is no one particular way of managing stress and loneliness but it varies from person to person.

So here I am enlisting various reasons of same along with its management :-

a) Major cause of stress for neet aspirants is that cut off and competition is increasing every year - This could be improved psychologically rather than strategically by competing with their own score. If the current score is 300 then students should not directly target 500 or 600 but target step wise 350…400…450…500 and so on like this and analyse the test accordingly rather than getting depressed and always compete to themself in the initial stage of preparation.

b) Backlogs and time management is another cause of stress so this could be tackled by following a fixed schedule and maintaining target. We here at exprto provide daily targets to student like out of 5-6 hrs of self study how much time should be given to particular subject and utilise time effectively.

So with help of short term targets one can definitely manage this kind of stress.

c) Many a times students feel lonely because they have to stay alone while studying away from their family but one should understand that if they will stay with their family then various kind of emotional and other disturbances may arise.

Also to tackle this they can make friends for group discussion of atleast half hour on daily basis. This could really work effectively.

d) Also students can do some yoga and morning walk.

Firstly the reason for the stress and loneliness during the NEET preparation is due to the competition and the amount of the syllabus so if we have to focus on studies we should keep ourselves away from the distractions so what we can do for the distractions the major distracting thing is the social media . So we should keep ourselves away from the social media as far as possible because it will lead to wastage of so much time but while doing so we don’t realise the consequences but when due to this a lot of time get wasted then it will lead to stress and anxiety which in turn lead to loneliness and ultimately reduce efficiency so whenever I get bored from the studies I used to ask myself what I want , and then I tend to think that why I started this preparation and the another important thing to cope up with the stress is to cut your connections with the negative people around you because they tend to complicate things and feel negative thoughts inside us just only keep interaction with only two or three people which provide you positive energy and motivate you be it your parents or teachers or even good friends can do this. Whenever you feel stressed out just talk with your parents or your teachers and ask how to cope up with this because they are the most experienced person and they will motivate you guide you how to handle such situations and always do your work never ever think about the result because if you are doing your work Honestly then nobody can stop you from getting the good result so you should always bound yourself With little task and try to accomplish them when you achieve these little targets you will experience a new lease of energy in yourself which will sufficient to drive you through the tough times

Hi there feeling stressed out and alone in this crushing crowd. Competing with such a large number of people around 19 lakh can really get you out of your wits but there is a lot that you can do to relieve your stress and focus on your work. Let me help you with my experiences and my solutions to these problems.
So what exactly is stress, in my opinion it is the outcome of future prediction ,self-doubts, not getting instant results of your hard work, it’s natural to worry but letting it get uncontrolled and disrupt your efficiency becomes problematic. Some tips to control it are

  1.  MEDITATION:- Calming your mind by forcing you to live in present. It makes you aware of the surrounding and provides wider picture of situation. Try out some breathing exercise. It increases oxygen supply to your brain and immediately brings you in the present.
  2.  HEALTH:- A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Try out almonds and dry fruits, fruits for your breakfast keep yourself hydrated. If possible workout at your room. Have clean and organized table and room. Avoid negative people and negative aura. Talk positive even if doesn't look like that.
  3.  IGNORANCE:- Your body is made up of chemicals. Your feelings are temporary so when your hormones will settle down you will feel great. Studying every day can be hectic and monotonous and can lead to feeling low and down so you need to ignore them because it's not permanent.

All these things can help upto a certain limit after that you need to call out someone to relieve your stress. Make friends. Don’t live a lonely life because we have got only one but choose your friends wisely. It’s said that you are the sum of the personality of your closest friends. Another way to fight loneliness is by engaging with system. It means interacting with teachers, friend making yourself busy in homework tests etc. If you have some hobby you can do that for a while. Otherwise parents are the best way to motivate yourself. They stand with you in every situation. Talk with them.
I hope it helped you to cope up with your situation, thank you and all the best for your exams Just believe in yourself and be confident
I hope this information will be helpful to you and best of luck for your exam

Managing the stress level is really an great and important thing I feel, all though I suffered with this problem many times which disturbedme from the routine preparation and my tasks .But as days are going on I realised I need to balance my stress levels the first thing I have done is the cutting the all the negative thoughts and also negative people around me who discouraged or frightened me …in many aspects .ii just avoided them and I just kept socialising to minimum people and to avoid loneliness I used to talk with my close friend and parents who are ready to listen all my thoughts and not to judge .finally I took some time of my schedule around of 30 minutes a walk with pleasant music to avoid my stress and loneliness.

NEET preparation is a journey in itself.
During this journey there will be ups and downs and so getting stressed out is normal and to a extent is good because it will not allow you to waste time or settle down and will push you toward your goal. But you should not over-stress yourself which itself will degrade your performance.

Whenever you feel like you are alone and stressed out you should talk to your parents, friends and to your mentor because he knows what to do to get rid of any problem as he has been there sometimes during his/her journey.
And most important, don’t compromise with diet and sleep as sometimes they could be the underlying agent. I personally during preparation stayed away from my family and friends but I talked to them almost everything and gave me a constant motivation to crack NEET.

You should work on the cause of stress like studying consistently will increase your marks and hence will decrease study related stress . Sometimes you should give yourself a little break to refresh because same usual routine sometimes stress you out.
Make friends and have a healthy study related discussion. Don’t pressurize yourself too much. And most importantly believe in yourself, you can overcome every hurdle. Studying alone helps in focusing. But whenever your are exhaust mentally, talk to mentor and always learn from mistakes. Days are not always good. But remember one thing you will not remain the same person as you were till 10th ,you will become a better version of you who has learnt to fight problems without getting afraid of it.