Neet ug 2024 looking for mentorship

Hi, i am a neet ug 2024 candidate. I have qualified my boards this year and taken a drop for neet 2024. I want this degree so badly but i don’t have anyone to guide me. I want someone’s guidance throughout this journey and i can assure to give my blood and sweat for this. I would be very helpful if anyone experienced can help me.


Hey, happy to hear about ur sincere efforts in persuing mbbs seat. Honestly to mention even i’m a drop out too,i cleared my neet in 2 attempts.All through the journey i have learned many new things which helped me to clear my exam in 2nd attempt and excel in it.So based on ur sharing i hope i can help you.I am pleased to help you all through the year until u crack the exam.If intrested enroll to my session

Hey …First of all Congratulations :clap::tada: For your board exams… Secondly U are at a perfect platform …As EXPRTO is the perfect platform for Guidance and Mentorship…
I would like to give a brief introduction of NEET Exam …To u
Its all about 3 subjects… Physics chemistry and biology …How well u can handle the subject
TOTAL marks:720
All u have to do for Biology is follow NCERT Blindly.
Practice as much as u can … specially previous year questions.
For physics build your concepts…Try to understand things rather then mugging up
And question practice is must.
For chemistry a good revision+question practice will help u.
Last but not the least…Stay motivated and be disciplined with ur stidies
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Hii @Gargiixd
Asking for help is great way to get through anything …
And a drop year is mentally most challenging no one can deny this fact.
I myself have cleared my exam in 3 attempts cause obviously it takes time to realise where are we lagging and what is missing
and we , your mentors are here for this purpose only so that you dont waste your time by learning how to study effectively …
And you dont do mistakes what we have done in our time …
We have gone through this and we have cracked the idea , you can also do the same
“Its not about the hardwork, its about doing hardwrok smartly”

Dear Students,

I am Harsh Raj . I have cleared NEET 2021 with 691/720 marks . I have gone through the same phase too , I realised the need of Mentor, to guide through this competition.

Physics is challenging , and chemistry is tough to mug , even I used to make a lot of silly mistakes in Bio. I too desperately prayed , that if someone would just lend me a hand.

I have guided 12 students this year too in NEET 2023 who are scoring more than 650+ .

Therefore I am willing to help the needy students this year too. You will also get some mentorship sessions from toppers(AIR-90, AIR-118,AIR-125)

I am currently a 2nd year MBBS student at VMMC and SAFDURDUNG HOSPITAL New Delhi.

I only need sincere students with me.

Whats app me on this no. - 9341958586