Not able to understand how to revise

I have completed about 92% of syllabus… I don’t know how to revise with syllabus completion on this time… Should I leave remaining chapters and start revising or I have to complete those chapters with revision… I have to get GMC this time at any cost ! Please guide me how to manage studies at this time… How to complete chapters and how to revise effectively…

Thank you…

For this ur study plan nd time management should be perfect as only few months is left for the NEET examination

For Physics

try to grasp theory first nd then solve questions (Make short notes of only formulas nd Important points by urself also for the sake of convenience at last 15 days before exams ).Solve previous year question …U will get an idea of the level of question asked in NEET

For chemistry…

Inorganic - understand the chemical bonding , coordinating chem , periodic table well …First understand these nd learn …then revise as many times as u can .

Organic - Basically it is easiest part if u know the reaction types …So understand the basics of organic chem well e.g- Reaction mechanism …12th organic chem is just like Rattofication type

For Physical chem understand theory first …then formulas and then solve question …Again 12th physical chem is easy respective of 11th …Prepare it well

For Biology … Understand from ur teachers notes / Coaching institute modules first then read line by line even word by word of NCERT …Each nd every line of NCERT have lots of meanings so first u should start with ur modules/teachers notes to understand NCERT well … Diagrams in NCERT is also very important for NEET exam

Important topics - Ecology,Genetics nd biotechnology ,plant diversity,Cell: The unit of life ,Plant Anatomy , Morphology of plants etc …Give more focus on botany than zoology.

For doing all these u need a perfect TIME MANAGEMENT so don’t waste ur time on anything which is time consuming except reading nd solving quest

U can do it … Believe n ur self …Feel like this 3 moth is ur last 3 months …After this u can do whatever u want to do


All the best