Please tell me best book for mcq

Which is the best book for IIT JEE physics questions (MCQ)?

For every subject first you need to build up all the concepts. Then study the concepts thoroughly. Last to get hold of all the concepts or get a deep understanding of the concepts you need to practice more different types of questions. It will enhance your problem solving skills.
Concept of Physics, H C Verma: This book will help you to build your concept especially for MCQ. Concepts are written briefly so it is easier to grab all the things. You will get many formula based questions in this book. But theories are not written deeply in this book.
Arihant Physics: This book contains lots of theories than H C Verma. It contains a good amount of examples, different types of problems, and exercises that will help you.
Cengage Physics for JEE Advanced: Here you will get more solved examples of JEE Advanced. It contains various types of questions. Solve the exercise that will enhance your skills.
Pathfinder for Olympiad and JEE Physics: Also this book will help you to prepare IIT JEE physics questions(MCQ). Do not go to solve this book before clearing the concepts.
New Pattern JEE Problems Physics: You will get lots of Mains and Advanced level questions.