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How to practice questions in the right way for NEET?

Hello @Sanya1691

Daily questions practice is very important for cracking the exam. Tips and tricks for solving questions effectively are -

  1. Study theory properly and understand all the concepts.
  2. Try to understand the solved examples (illustrated questions)
  3. Solve topic wise questions
  4. Clear your doubts from mentor/teacher
  5. Analyse your mistakes and try to improve them.

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The following tips will help you solve NCERT based NEET questions easily.

Read the NCERT books thoroughly

It is very important to learn the basics before attempting any questions. The best source to be well versed with the basics is NCERT books. Before studying any reference book or coaching materials, make sure you are done with your NCERT books. Basic concepts create a strong foundation that helps you to understand complex topics easily.

Get your doubts and queries resolved

If you are ever stuck with a problem or confused on how to solve it, do not hesitate to ask for help from your mentors. Take as much help as you can from both school/college and coaching class mentors. Discuss it with your friends and solve the NEET mock papers together to make it more interesting.

Time yourself

You will have 3 hours and 20 minutes to complete the NEET paper on the examination day. The best way to improve your speed is to time yourself while taking a test. This helps you to get over the exam fear and resolves time management issues.

Attempt mock tests and previous year question papers

Mock tests are the best way to understand the NEET pattern and syllabus thoroughly. They help you to analyse your own strengths and weaknesses and you can focus more on your weak areas.

Use flashcards and sticky notes

Physics and Chemistry have a lot of formulas that you need to remember in order to solve the questions. To remember them better, write down the formulas on the sticky notes and flashcards. Stick them on your study table and keep glancing at it whenever you get time.

Practice numerical problems every day

Numerical problems in Physics and Chemistry add a lot of weightage. It is essential to practice numerical problems every day without any fail. This will improve your speed and help you feel confident on the examination day.