Preparation of neet 2024

How can I start my preparation for neet 2024 as dropper?

Hi Ritika,
You have only a year ahead of you for neet 2024. So time is of the essence. First and foremost thing is go through 2023 paper, look for mistakes understand where you went wrong and try to read the concept and understand better. Next thing is write down subject wise all the important topics and the topics which you find difficult or lag behind.
These are two important things which will help you significantly, doing mistakes is fine but not realising those mistakes is bad. So prepare a timetable which should include all the three subjects(bio, chem, phy). Try to stick to ncert. Read a chapter, try to solve MCQs. Understand where you are goin wrong. And most important thing, don’t pressurize yourself, be consistent and be motivated
All the best:)