Regularly during neet preparation?

Is it important to attend school regularly during neet preparation?


As for the questions posed, it is important to attend school regularly during NEET and JEE preparation, as regular attendance allows for consistent learning and understanding of the material. Whether or not to take a drop year for JEE or join an average NIT depends on an individual’s personal circumstances and goals. It is not necessary to leave friends during NEET preparation, but maintaining a balance between social life and studying is important. Going to Kota for NEET or JEE preparation can be beneficial, as it is a well-known coaching center for these exams. It is not recommended to give both NEET and IIT JEE together, as they are both highly competitive exams that require focused preparation.

Noo just join school as dummy

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It’s totally not important to attend school regularly during NEET preparation it totally depends upon you if you are able to manage both of the things sideways then I would suggest you to go to school as this is the last time you are going to school and class 11th and 12th are one of the important phase of life as make many memories in this period but as NEET is also one of the important thing as your college and future is dependent on that So be more inclined towards that and you can just go to school to maintain your attendance and learn other things like practicals

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