Retention techniques

I study 8 hours in a day but when I solve questions, I can’t solve them. This feels depressing. Why can’t I get retention of my study? How can I improve my study (self-preparing for the JEE Mains)?


First do not take too much load, it is just an exam. Do not think or worry too much about the exam. If you can give 8 hours daily without pushing yourself hard then give it but if it is beyond your capacity then do not do that. Do not take much stress, start your preparation as early as possible, maintain your health, eat healthy, sleep well and take short breaks while studying. Only studying is not sufficient you need a strategy for JEE that will work for you the best. For that you can connect with IIT JEE toppers or experts or you can take a personal mentor for JEE. They can guide you the proper way and tell you what things you are doing wrong. First start with NCERT books, read it thoroughly. Do not jump to the difficult problems first. Solve simple problems, get familiar with them then go for the advanced level problem. You will get many application based and conceptual problems in the exam. So that your fundamentals should be clear. If you have any doubts go to your subject teacher and do not neglect any chapter if it seems to you hard or even easy.