Revision kitni baar Krna chahiye minimum

Revision kitni baar Krna chahiye minimum

There is no limitation for revision.
u revise the syllabus every time when u give test .
Revise your syllabus by solving questions and then analysing your results.
The more u revise the more u get perfection.
In revision not only read your notes frequently…along with this solve questions because it will tell u that how much u have to cover and in which topic u r lagging.

Hey champ!
Revision has a simple funda…the more you do it,the better you become in your concepts!
Keep revising your strong points and become a master in them!

Here are some important guidelines that let you revise the topics in a short time with maximum benefits. These guidelines are as follows:

  1. Keep yourself calm and full of positivity. Getting panicked will not help you in any way at this time. Rather it will only help you in attacking your preparations.
  2. Do not study for a long duration. Take short breaks in between your revision time. It will help you relax your mind and grasp the difficult points easily.
  3. Solve full-length mock papers regularly. It will help you in learning your weak and strong points. It will also improve your time management, problem-solving, speed, and accuracy skills.
  4. Do not let yourself be distracted by using gadgets at this juncture. It will only result in destroying your hard work and wasting your precious time.
  5. Avoid last-minute studies. It will bring some extra tension, restlessness, and negativity to you.
  6. Do not use calculators or any similar gadget while revising the numerical sections. Any such gadget is not allowed to be brought into the examination hall.
  7. Do not waste too much time on those topics which are hard to understand for you. Go to your peers or teachers to clear your doubts.
  8. While resolving question banks or sample papers, do not cling to any question for more than 2 minutes. If you can not solve it, move forward to the next question.
  9. Plan a strategy for subject-wise revision. But divide your time equally to revise all the subjects daily.
  10. Revise all the important concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics before moving toward sample papers.

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