Shall I start from today I can get 550+

Shall I start from today I can get 550+

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Ab time Kam bacha hai toh imp chapters bata do phy ke konse konse karey

The thing is it’s going to be tough at this time but not impossible. Try to learn everything as you do and study from the notes you prepared. Solve the questions and give mock tests. No time for you to rest. So first of all you take a session with exprto mentors to get you a good strategy for your plan it’s highest time now after this no time will be there to balance your studies… Focus mainly on biology inorganic and organic. These subjects are those which you have to revise multiple times and you will get mcqs easily. Physical chemistry isn’t hard as physics so you can do that also but now for physics you have to select few easy and scoring chapters like modern physics… Don’t panic start doing

Remember if you don’t sacrifice for your dream your dream will become a sacrifice…

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it’s 550+ or 650+ you can score easily, if you will remain Focused and Consistent with your preparation. You have ample of time left.

Just follow some tips…

Determination+ Focus+ Consistency+ lot of practice + Revision = 650+

It is really going to be tough but I think you and every other NEET aspirants has the potential to crack the NEET exam.

Divide your study hours into 4 parts… Physics(Morning), Chemistry(Afternoon) and Zoology and Botany (Evening)… 4hours for Physics & Chemistry and 2–2 hours for Zoology & Botany to each subject and be consistent.
Focus on all the four subjects equally
Study NCERT multiple times, prepared notes and revise them multiple times.
Practice questions as many as possible. Important topics should be on your fingertips. Example:- Formulas of physics and Periodic table in chemistry and scientific names in Biology.
Solve Physics numericals, Chemistry reactions and equations and practice Diagrams of Biology .
Practice chapter-wise tests for boosting up of confidence
Mock Tests for Analysis your preparation and for identifying your weaker topics and mistakes you did in Mock Tests.
some topics are difficult to understand and difficulty in completing the syllabus. Don’t need to worry about… I have solution for this known as PrepOnline’s Irada Batch. You will study from the scratch, clear all your concepts and solve all your doubts.
Stay away from Negative distractions and Keep focused.
Keep practice as much as possible.
Be Consistent with your preparation.

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