Should I go to Kota after 10th for NEET

Should I go to Kota after 10th for NEET

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Hello @manav55

It is not necessary to go Kota for NEET preparation. You can join any good offline coaching in your city/town, or you can join any online coaching classes for your NEET preparation. Preparing from home provide various benefits which you will not get in kota.
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bro kota mattt aa kyunki kota ki reality koi nahi jata hai bass sab mehsoos kar patee hai , iss liye tu apni schooling enjoy kar 12 th tak , qur sath sath me apne chapters bhi nipatate chal , aur han tu library ja sakta hai , kota se tho better hai aur arjuna batch se padh le


Top notch faculty, everyone masters of their field with tons of experience with competitive exams.
A separate teacher for every sub-topics of a subject. E.g. One teacher shall teach you animal kingdom, while plant kingdom will be taught by other faculty. As the teacher is

A big YES. I am not a resident of Kota. To be honest the journey has been tiring at times. But I feel it was worth.

But before you head for Kota you must keep few things in mind.

You need to put in lots and lots of effort. Anything worth having is not easy.
You have to instill in you a competitive spirit from day 1
You have to make sure anything personal/emotional does effects you much. Being emotionally imbalanced is hazardous.
You are NOT HOMESICK. If you are homesick, or afraid of being without parents, its a big NO. You would miss them. And will be always disturbed.
You are not into random chats/dating a lot. Even casual relationships require your time and energy. And as a dropper each second of your life is precious. And I MEAN IT.
Don’t make a lot of friends be it guy/girl. The sad reality is very few I repeat very few people care. And if you think its okay to be social. Let me tell you its NOT. Everyone in Kota is probably to get somewhere. People will be jealous of you, will try to disturb you at the peak hours. Been there, so sincere advice/request make as less as friends as possible.

If you want to kota . I suggest you to join Allen sikar cool environment me HH free environment me achaa rhega kota me competition ke chaker me khud ko hi bhul jaao ge.