Should I go to Kota for IIT JEE preparation

Should I go to Kota for IIT JEE preparation?

There is absolutely no need to go to Koda for IIT JEE selection. There are both advantages and disadvantages of going to Kota for IIT JEE preparation.
The competitive environment of coaching institutions helps significantly improve student performance. Regular testing gives students a sense of regularity and keeps them on track with the curriculum. Students are not forced to go to school, so they can save a lot of time and focus on self-study.
But there are also some drawbacks -
Some students can be stressed because of their studies or their parents’ expectations. Freedom leads students to lose their way and waste time. Getting used to a new city is a little difficult.

In fact, it all depends on the individual’s effort, determination, self-motivation, and efficiency of self-learning wherever he is comfortable. Teachers can only guide students on the right path.
There is absolutely no need to go to Kota for IIT JEE selection if you are getting the same facilities of the Mock test, good understanding of concepts in your coaching.