Should I solve the NCERT questions of organic chemistry then go for the JEE questions as I am weak in organic?

Should I solve the NCERT questions of organic chemistry
then go for the JEE questions as I am weak in organic?


Yeah definitely your first priority must be solving the ncert
textbook for organic especially those conversion-type
questions are very important for boards as well as jee then
you should solve all pyqs of mains from any book or marks
Then if you have time u can definitely go for any good book
like ms Chauhan or Himanshu Pandey in advance.
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ahead of your competitors.
And revising class notes is also important

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Yes, solving NCERT questions is a good idea, especially if you are weak in a particular subject. NCERT books provide a solid foundation and cover the basics of the subject, which is essential for understanding more advanced topics. Solving the NCERT questions can help you build a strong foundation and improve your understanding of the subject.

Once you have a good understanding of the basic concepts from the NCERT books, you can then move on to solving JEE level questions in organic chemistry. JEE questions are more challenging and are designed to test your understanding of advanced concepts, so it’s important to have a good grasp of the basics before attempting them.

In addition to solving questions, make sure to read and understand the explanations given for each question, whether you get it right or wrong. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and address any areas where you need improvement.

Overall, solving NCERT questions and then attempting JEE level questions is a good strategy for improving your knowledge and performance in organic chemistry.

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Hi. You need to follow these steps in order to strengthen your weak areas. These steps i followed at time of my JEE preparation.

  1. Try to understand what you are studying. We all tend to forget things when we are memorising without understanding.

  2. Take notes so that you don’t have to go through everything again. It saves a lot of time.

  3. Apart from NCERT, you must practise sample papers. As many as you can. Practice sure does make a man perfect.

  4. Do not waste a lot of time on one topic. If Organic Chemistry is taking time keep it for later. But make sure you leave enough time for it.

All the best!!!

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