Should we attend school regularly during NEET preparation?

Should we attend school regularly during NEET


If you can manage schooling along with NEET preparation. It
is the best choice. It provides results in both NEET and boards. I
have seen many meritorious students who went to non-college after
10th and just lost track because indiscipline is prevalent in co-less
unless you are very, very determined to be disciplined enough to
achieve your goal.
If you think you can be disciplined in next year’s NEET preparation
then you should go for coaching. Even if you have 1% doubt that you
might become undisciplined, then please don’t indulge in
non-coaching because NEET is a journey which has so many ups and
downs and even one of them can become the cause of your bad
In my opinion you should approach the school management
sometime to be liberal with your attendance with a promise to bring
laurels to the school after 2 years. If they agree then without thinking
about going to school, you can think about a second option
(provided you can stay disciplined while studying for a great
memorable NEET route).
If you are a fresher will recommend you to join the NEET
mentorship program. In this program you will be connected to top
rankers of the NEET who will guide you and give you tips and tricks
before you start the preparation of NEET exam and believe me you
are going to be way more advanced than your competitors.


Learn to Prioritize Right.
Correct your Pattern of Study.
Revise Smartly and Regularly.
Use those Extra Minutes to your Advantage.
Pay Proper Attention to School Study.
Build a Good Study Plan.
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