Sir distraction is very powerful but I can see you distraction is go away 🙂

Sir distraction se kese bacha jae

Hello Rahul,

Being a student myself…I know how it feels when you are unable to focus on what you study and are continuously surrounded by noises.

There’s nothing to feel low about it…it’s a natural human tendency…
Only thing is that you can very easily get over all these distractions…by giving yourself daily targets.

Set a goal for the day…like to finish a topic in a given time or complete a chapter on that very day…
All this will make your brain focus on completing the challenge you have given to yourself and you will get much less distracted.

Just give it a try and also share your experience…

I am eager to hear from your side.

You will definitely win over your distractions. I wish you all the best.

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Close your eyes and imagine your parents doing everything just for you .
(This one worked for me).


First, things first. Throw the damn phone away. Yes, you heard that right.
My screen time or to be precise my ‘mobile phone’ screen time is less than an hour. It is somewhere around 90minutes if I decide to write on Quora otherwise it is less than 50 minutes.
Now, almost studies are online, try to segregate your devices if possible. I use laptop solely for my studies and phone for my social media or entertainment.
I keep my mobile phone in my cupboard away from my study desk because I have got no self control :’)