Solving tough math problems jee

How can I learn to solve tough math problems at the IIT-JEE level?


First try to solve easy problems like mains level and board level. Build up concepts . When you will confident on solving the easy and medium level problems , jump on to tough problems.
At beginning you will be demotivated for not solving those problems fast. Try to understand the question and if you are unable to do , check the solution and try again.
follow this everyday you will be improved day by day.


Practice is the only way to start solving Maths problems easilty.
If you are facing issue in tough problems, mark all such questions where you get stuck or have to refer a solution. Keep re-visiting the problem once in every 3-4 days for a week or two until and unless the concepts involved in the question get into your memory.
Once this is done, try to use this method/concept in other similar problems.
If you are able to do it, congratulations! Your issue is solved.