Strategy of neet

Guidance of preparation

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Hey…The simple and the best strategy one can follow for NEET:
*FOCUS more on Biology it the most scoring portion of NEET .As it consists of 90 MCQ so try to get atleast 340 or 350.
For Biology Focus on NCERT Reading and MTG Fingertips Biology or any module u have.
*For chemistry Try to make a target of around 150 marks atleast.
Divide chemistry in 3 parts:
Physical chemistry: Focus on formula and numerical practice
Inorganic chemistry:Read NCERT+ question practice
Organic chemistry: NCERT+ Notes + Question practice
U can practice MTG Fingertips chemistry also.
*For Physics: Try to build your concepts as much as possible practice numerical regularly.U can practice errorless physics.
For all the subjects Previous year question practice is must.
Try to follow a consistent schedule.
*For more tips u can take mentorship sessions at exprto and also u can practice notes and questions provided by EXPRTO
And last but not the least Stay motivated.

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Believe me this time is the most crucial time for your exams.
Just revise, revise and revise.
Don’t read any new source .
Just revise what you have studied whole year.
Do question practice daily. ( No need to do tough questions)
Focus more on previous year topics and questions.
Analyse every test and work on weak topics .
Do one paper every Sunday from 2 to 5 . ( Along with OMR )
For more help you can ask your mentor in detail.
If you have not registered for mentorship, visit

See to prepare for neet you have to be consistent and focused.
Firstly you concept must be clear and no doubt on that .
Then divide your day in three part :
The first half i.e from morning to afternoon you study physics
After that take one or one and a half hour break after that
From evening to night till 9 pm you study chemistry
And at night till you sleep study biology.
Try focus more on biology.
First solve previous year question paper .
When making concept try cover all the aspects around the formula.
Firstly revise those chapters which have high weightage and after that revise those with less weightage.
Give asa much as possible mock test
After giving mock test analyze your mistake on that day itself and work on that carefully study your mistake and be sure not to make them again .
Carefully fill the OMR sheet .
Try to fill OMR side by side .
During study you can take break of 5-10 minutes as for studying for longer duration can make you slow and you take more time to complete your revision.
You can do yoga and meditation for overcoming anxiety.
Don’t take Stress.
Do your part whole heartedly.
All the best .

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Create a Realistic Timetable.
Prepare Notes While Learning.
Revise Regularly.
Maintain a Healthy Diet.
Regular Study Breaks are a Must.
Do Proper Exercise.
Practice Mock Tests.
Having A Positive Attitude Is What Really Matters.