The best way to master inorganic chemistry for IIT-JEE in 30 or less days?

What is the best way to master inorganic chemistry for IIT-JEE in 30 or less days?

You can not master any subject in 30 or less days. You have to give proper time to every subject. You have to study really hard if you want to master inorganic chemistry in less days. For inorganic chemistry you have to memorize more. Make a proper timetable and follow it strictly. Many JEE experts or IIT JEE toppers suggest to start preparation with XI and XII NCERT chemistry books. Many questions are asked in the exam from this small book. So, read it properly. While you are reading make your own notes according to your understanding. Reading is not enough, you need a strategy what would be best for you . For that you can connect with JEE mentor who can guide you properly. Also remember NCERT books are important but they are not sufficient. For inorganic chemistry you can refer to these books:
• J D Lee
• O P Tandon
Last but not least start your preparation as early as possible.You can visit the link to get related answers:

  1. Pick up and read the NCERT book.
  2. Mark/ underline the reactions.
  3. Go topic-wise. In each topic (for e.g. p-block) there will be different groups. Each group will have its own elements and their respective compounds.
  4. Make one chart (on a notebook size page) for each compound of an element by seeing the reactions from the book. That will give you, on an average, 2–3 charts per element.
  5. Start off with one compound. See the chart completely.
  6. The best way to learn everything for Inorganic Chemistry is writing.
  7. On a blank paper, write out the complete chart without referring to the original chart. If you can’t, try again.
  8. Write the same chart 2–3 times. You’ll find that your brain has assimilated many of the reactions.
  9. Daily draw new charts.
  10. Practice writing them daily. You’ll find that you’ve completed your p-block in one week. And that’s the longest chapter.

Most people will tell you that learning everything up is the key to master Inorganic Chemistry for JEE**.** It isn’t. Maybe sometimes you’ll have to remember some facts, but for reactions, I recommend writing. The same is also the key for Organic Chemistry**.**

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