Time table for jee mains preparation

i am a student of class 11.i spend total 8hours in school and i want to crack jee mains exam so i need a best time table for my jee preparation.can anyone share his experience with me about his jee preparation


If you want to crack JEE Main exam than apart from school you have to do only 3 thing: JEE Class video lectures, JEE Module HW and PYQs. so for that just spend 6 hours daily . you can do it easily . do one to one chapter properly and at the end of week do a mock test which include those chapters which you done in those week.


Lets calculate the no of hours left for you to prepare for JEE.
As you said 8 hours for school, sleep is very important so lets keep 7 hrs on average for sleep. 3 hrs for routine works and for some chill. So total hours you spent =8+7+3==18.
No of hours left for JEE preparation=6 .So you spend 2 hours for each subject . Utilize these 6 hours effectively. Practice problems atleast half an hour in these 2 hours for a subject.


There is a simple strategy to start with. Moreover you are in Class 11, so this would be the best time to start with this method.

  1. Take a note of all the daily deeds you have to do apart from studies related to JEE. This will include classes, coaching, school, daily routine, food, sleep, everything. Everything except for your self-study for JEE (also homework).
  2. Now calculate the approximate time for the above listed works.
  3. Excluding this time, divide the rest of the time in 3 equal halves.
  4. Decide the order for yourself. One slot for Physics, one for Chemistry, one for Maths.
    And that’s it.