Tips, timetable, hours to study and strategy to crack IIT JEE 2021 in 5 month?

Tips, timetable, hours to study and strategy to crack IIT JEE 2021 in 5 months?

IIT JEE 2021 is not an examination that you can take for granted. It is one of the most competitive and difficult exams to perform well in. Given the standard of question paper setting and the level of competition that exists each year, 5 months is a really short span of time to be preparing for an examination like IIT JEE.

However, contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to study for it in just 5 months - just quite difficult. You need a crash course and some of the best books to help you.
If you work with full determination and concentration for the next five months, I assure you can perform even better than what you want to achieve. It’s very hard to cope up with it at the beginning, because it looks simple but it is not. Gradually I came to the track. It took me 2 weeks to get adjusted to it.
Study for at least 10 hrs steadily with full concentration. It will help a lot. Try watching YouTube videos for help, they provide notes which are really helpful. I would strongly suggest you to go only for crash courses offered by institutes in your close vicinity or directly to your home like online of course a great deal of time can be saved by this approach and in times like these time is really precious. Take a mentorship program where you can get connected to recent JEE toppers and they will give you tips and tricks which will be beneficial for you throughout your preparation