Tips to remember organic chemistry

Hey student
I know It’s very difficult to remember organic chemistry and You have to revise it again and again
*One mistake we all do is
*We start revising it from page 1 and it will take so much time again
-So to retain information for longer time and revise it in less time

*Next time when you’ll gonna revise that chapter …try to give answer to these questions …
*And read that part from book you find difficult to recall .
*The more you engage your brain in active learning …the more information you retain for longer period …
*And that’s what we need for our exam
*And always remember the no of questions you solve is directly proportional to your score
-So solve more and more no of questions

Start from Organic Chemistry Fundamental Concepts.
Derive standard name reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry.
Practice Organic Chemistry conversions.
Tricks for Organic Chemistry conversions:
Using Visual Aids to Study.
Memorise less, understand more.
Study with partners.
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First of all ur basic concepts should be clear, nomenclature, isomerism,reaction mechanism.
Then repeat reactions revise more and more by use of short notes. Make handwritten short notes of approx 1 page of each CHP and daily revise them. It will become very easy.