Tomorrow neet exam tips 1day tips

Any useful tips for tomorrow neet exam
To do in last day

As per last moment tips I’d suggest:

  1. For just one day before exam, don’t study anything at all. Just don’t because it’ll create even more and more confusion.
  2. It’ll feel as if you are forgetting everything and how will you give exam. That’s absolutely normal and trust me, if you’ve prepared well whole year, it’s there in your mind.
  3. Max to max if you want, you can take a very quick glance at formulas and all but I won’t suggest doing any questions.
  4. Try to do some physical work in evening so that you’ll exhaust yourself and have a good sound sleep tonight. DON’T KILL YOUR SLEEP AT ANY COST.
  5. Tomorrow take light breakfast so that you don’t feel dizzy and allow your mind to work.
  6. Especially for attempting question:
    • you have to understand that you have got limited time so take a very quick glance and mark what you can do quickly and what will take time.
    • first type is look and mark
    • then short calculation that you’re very sure
    • then a but long calculations and you’re sure about that also
    • then go for statement based and long calculations, statement based I’ve kept last because they are very imp and you should give time to them, but at same time boost your confidence with easy easy ones and time management
  7. Just don’t panic and don’t be in a hurry while answering.

“All the best”

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Just chill think and about your dream medical clg. It provides you more and more confidence and best off luck for your exam.