Trick for phyllum arthopoda?

:sparkle:PHYLUM - ARTHROPODA​:sparkle:

:point_right:Arthropoda is the largest phylum of animalia which includes insects. Overtwo-thirds of named species on earth are arthropods

:point_right:Body is Bilaterally symmetrical, Triploblastic with organ system level of organisation

:point_right:They are metamerically segmented and coelomate animals.

:point_right:Body is divided into three region Head, thorax & abdomen, but in some head and thorax fused to form cephalothorax(Prosoma)

:point_right:They have jointed appendages for different functions. (arthro - jointed, poda- foot/appendages).

:point_right:The body of Arthropods is covered by Chitinous exoskeleton

:point_right: Respiration by gills (e.g.Prawn), Book-gills (e.g.King crabs). Tracheal system (e.g Insects), Book-lungs(e.g.Scorpion), Trachea carry oxygen directly to the body cells

:point_right:Circulatory system is Open type

:point_right:Sensory organs like simple eyes, or compound eyes or both, antennae, statocyst and anal cerci are found.

:point_right:They are mostly dioecious. Fertilization is usually internal but few aquatic form has external fertilization.
Gonads have ducts. Sexual dimorphism may be present. They are mostly oviparous.

:point_right:Dovelopment may be direct or indiret.

:point_right:Gregarious pest - Locusta (Locust)
• Living Fossil - Limulus (King crab)
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