What advice would you give to future NEET aspirants

What advice would you give to future NEET aspirants?

My advice can be summed up in 3 words: procrastination,
consistency and distraction.
Don’t procrastinate - it will be your biggest enemy.
Stay consistent - it’s the key to ensure your success. Avoid distractions - it’ll throw your preparation off-track.
If you take these three words to heart, your preparation journey will become much easier and fruitful. Besides the above, I would also advise every aspirant to take some time out for themselves everyday during their preparations. I made the mistake of disconnecting myself from my hobbies and also my friends and family.
This behavior will only cause you to burn out, lose motivation and become anxious. While it’s important to avoid distractions, it’s also critical to do things that will help develop a positive mindset. Exercising, meditation can help you more than you think.

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