What are some good tips for time management in JEE Mains 3 hour paper?

What are some good tips for time management in JEE Mains
3 hour paper?


Chemistry takes the least time. And is generally the easiest of
the three. In Inorganic and Organic, either you know the concept and
you can quickly tick the correct one, or you don’t. There is no ‘I may
find the answer if I work hard on it’. Save that for maths.
So, I used to start with Chemistry. Be done with it in 30 minutes. It
used to lay the foundation of my total marks in that paper.
You can choose your next subject based on What do you find easy?
Which subject is easy on that day? I was smooth with Physics and
was generally able to finish that part in an hour approximately,
leaving me for good 90 minutes to rack my brains on the Maths part.
It could be the other way round for some people.
Be ready to dismiss whatever you have planned and improvise
during the paper, because the best thing about JEE is that it never
fails to surprise. At the end of the day, these tricks and techniques
only affect 5–10% marks. What holds water is how well you have
understood the concepts in the past two years and how do you handle
your temperament on that day.
Start the paper from the beginning and read and solve in your mind
first. If you are sure you can do that question in first attempt do it, or
else leave it. Like this you’ll end your paper in arround 40–45
minutes (approx for me). This is end of round 1
Then from the beginning take the normal questions you can do with
a bit of hard calculation and solve those type till the end. Finally you
will be left with bunch of extremely logical and difficult questions
and 30–50 minutes which you can try to solve in the 3rd round.
In this way you can assure 60–70% marks in first 2 rounds and can
give time to the othe 30% tension free. If you did that 30% also its
great but, if not there will be no greater loss.

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Heyy aspirant!
Hope you are all set to ace one of the most important exam of your life!

  1. So first of all,the most important tip from my end would be to give a mock test daily so as to train your brain to work at its maximum efficiency during those 3 hours.
  2. Start with chemistry…it wuld hardly take 15 minutes to finish up with it…hopefully you will be left with ample amount of time for thw other two.
  3. Then go ahead with your strongest subject.
  4. In Case you do not get along with your answer,dont stick to the question and waste your time over it.
  5. Just move ahead and stay high on spirits.
  6. Trust me,you will end up fairing pretty well.
    All the best,kid!
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