What are some of the common mistakes students make while preparing for NEET?

What are some of the common mistakes students make while
preparing for NEET?


Here are five things you should never do while preparing for
the exam.

It is the most important foundational book. Many students tend to
ignore it. don’t do it. Never neglect physics or chemistry. There are
some points, some lines that are the star points of NCERT. Many
students think that NCERT already exists as a module, but honestly,
it doesn’t. NCERT should be the Bible and mug it up, understand
every concept in it.
Many students have a habit of skipping subjects because they find
them difficult, boring, or too easy. I also skipped the ecology of the
ending and got it all wrong. don’t do that
Complete problems and goals on time.
NEET is all about speed and accuracy. Paper requires
time-consuming calculations. Practice as many models and pieces
from the previous year as possible. Don’t set goals before the end or
the exam. Line them up and complete them…
Social media, WhatsApp, TV and friends are fine as long as you
know when to break the news. Be disciplined. Career above all!
Adequate sleep.

Get a good rest No, I’m not talking about eight hours of beauty
sleep, I’m talking about enough rest for your mind. These are some
common natural mistakes in the life of every NEET aspirant. Avoid
them as much as possible.


Not Having a Clear Study Plan: …
Neglecting NCERT Textbooks: …
Not Practicing Enough Questions: …
Not Revising Regularly: …
Focusing only on Theory: …
Not Staying updated with the Exam Pattern: …
Not Taking Care of Your Health:
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