What are Some Recommended Books for NEET Preparations?

What are Some Recommended Books for NEET Preparation?

First and foremost NCERT should not be ignored at any cost. They are the Bible for the whole time you are preparing for this exam.
Learn each and every line and solve every question present in NCERT super important. Without NCERT there is no foundation to your preparation.
Around 95% questions in the biology section are asked from the NCERT concept. In chemistry around 80 to 85% questions are from the NCERT and in physics you have to refer to some other book because the explanations are not given so understand it is a bit complex. NEET consists of 3 subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry & Biology and the recommended books for them are Concept of

Physics by HC Verma, objective Physics by DC pandey for Physics, Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon, ABC of chemistry by Modern for Chemistry and For Biology it is Biology Vol 1 & Vol 2 by Trueman & objective biology by Dinesh. I would suggest let you select NCERT and one reference book from which you can understand topic more clearly that’s all and that’s enough don’t make make a mountain of books in your room that’s not recommended at all because less is more

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