What are some strategies one should follow for preparing NEET from 11 onwards?

What are some strategies one should follow for preparing NEET from 11 onwards?


you want to get a good marks then you need to start preparation from class 11th by that you will get more time to prepare for NEET examination. You need to make a plan and follow that, by this you will be able to score good marks. You need to take help from recent NEET toppers they will guide you a lot and you can improve your knowledge by taking advice from an experienced person. You need to study physics, chemistry from NCERT in this time, by that you will get a clear understanding on conceptual parts as well as mathematical problems. For biology I don’t think that I need to tell much about this subject as when you choose NEET you have an idea that you need to study biology deeply as much as possible. You need to start solving question bank that will increase your thinking ability and boost your speed. You need to write down the things whatever you will understand topics. You need to solve the previous years question papers that will help you to get an overview of the question pattern.


When I first started NEET Preparation in my Class 11, in my Coaching there were lots of students who have complete their Class 11 & 12 in Class 9 & 10.
When it comes to NEET exam preparation, there’s no fixed age or class. It totally depends upon person to person, as some can prepare within a year and clear the NEET exam, and some are unable to clear it even with two years of preparation. But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid early preparation.

Definitely my friends who have completed their preparation in class 9 or 10 have the benefit of starting early but I have worked hard and now I am in PGIMS Rohtak. If you want to know my complete strategy I have shared here.

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